How to Create Engaging Social Media Content

The boom of social media over the past decade has completely changed the dynamics of marketing. As an estimate, in 2018 there will be over 2.67 billion social media accounts users around the world and the number of social media accounts will be even more.

It is about time for you to realize that if you are not utilizing the social media to market your business then you are definitely missing out on a lot of marketing opportunities. Relying only on the traditional ways of marketing can be your biggest mistake as a marketer. It is important for you to realize that the digital marketing is far cry from traditional marketing. Below, we have compiled a few tips that would be helpful for you to create engaging social media posts.

Visually Appealing Content:

According to massplanner “Infographics have a tendency to get 3x more likes and shares as compare to other less visual content.”. This emphasizes how powerful visual content could be. Keeping the fact in mind that Millennials and Generation Z easily get attracted toward the content where there is more visual and less text and things are explained mainly by using illustrations. Try to include as more visual as you can in your posts, keep the text a secondary medium to convey your message.

Personal Touch:


Being intimate with your followers is the best way through which you can maintain a strong and long-lasting relationship with them. If you have been posting only service and product related posts on your social media, chances are higher that people will pass by without even getting engaged with your piece of content. In contrast, the candid behind the scenes of your company would help to open up your business to a whole new audience. Best of all, these sort of posts will also help you to maintain the credibility of your company without putting a lot of effort.

The web is bursting with the amazing and creative content. It is quite possible that the creative idea that has just popped up in your mind has already been done so many times. Provided that, it becomes quite difficult to post something that is as unique a blue diamond. Don’t get overwhelmed, try to come with a new trend, remember that there is no need to be out of the box sometimes, just forget that there is a box in first place. Instead of jumping on a bandwagon, curate something fresh and new for your brand.


Social media is the best place where you can be interactive with your target audience and current followers. Let’s take the example of Snapchat stories following which Instagram, Facebook, and even WhatsApp too have launched the similar feature on their application. These stories are the great way to get interactive with your fan and followers. Moreover, a post where you are asking for the opinion or a quick guess, can also be a fun way to keep your followers involved and engaged with your brand.


All things considered, the most important point that you should know prior crafting the marketing strategy is to have a comprehensive knowledge of your target audience and their preferences. Keep in mind, that the same method won’t work for every audience so don’t stick to a single technique, instead, try everything in the mix only then you will be able to come up the best way of communication.

Once you know the behavioral pattern of your audience it would be easier for you to adopt a strategy accordingly, which could not only fetch you social media engagement but could also drive the traffic towards your website. To emphasize, your web design should also be visually driven to cater the same audience.